This Is Why You Lost Me

*This poem was first published in Thought Catalog 13th April 2017

I lost you to a woman with lustful curves,
Whose fluttering eyes and your heartbeat synced,
You didn’t think twice, you wanted to taste her,
You left taking with you nothing, but somehow everything.

I remember waking up in the morning,
Missing your arms; hating your disloyal heart.
I remember waking up alone and crying,
Thinking it had been months since we stayed apart.

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Why I Don’t Use The Word ‘Soulmate’ When It Comes To You

*This article was originally posted on Thought Catalog on 20th January, 2017.
** Also posted in On Mogul 4 months ago.

I can sense something is worrying you right now. We haven’t made any long eye contact since morning. Although I am resting on your chest as we are watching reruns of our favourite classic show I can sense a discomfort in you.

I know I say his name instead of yours sometimes when I am sleeping and sometimes when I address you. It hurts me to see you suppress your dejection with your warm indifference.

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